Southern State of Mind

Goin’ Out with My Boots On!

Nashville-and-vicinity-178291-smalltabletRetinaHi loves! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be going to Nashville this weekend for a week. It’s for work but of course I’ll still have time for some play..I mean it is NASHVILLE. One of my favorite shows, Nashville is filmed there as well so I’m looking forward to hitting up some of the famous places like Bluebird Cafe and Grand Ole Opry. Hopefully we have time to make it around to them. That would be AWESOME!

I wanted to write up this post to see if YOU had any suggestions on where to go for food, drinks, shows, etc. I’ve been once but when I was like 10 so that doesn’t really count. I am super excited and I will be posting a ton on the Instagram! Follow my handle sweet_southern__. 

Since I won’t really be writing up posts for around a week or so, just wanted to let you all know why! I hope you all have a fabulous day and week ahead of yourselves while I am gone!


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