Southern State of Mind

A Tour of The Grand Ole Opry

I am super excited to share this part of my trip with you all…I got a tour of THE GRAND OLE OPRY!!! So awesome to be able to do that. The Opry still looked amazing after the flood and renovations. My sister and I felt super cool standing on the stage where several of our favorite artists have stood to perform. We even got a picture by the microphone and on the circle they kept from the original opry stage.

Did I mention we saw the security desk along with everyone’s mailboxes and dressing rooms for the performers when they come through?! Each room was unique in their own way as well. I really enjoyed getting a tour and learning the history of country music and the Opry. I highly suggest doing the tour if you are ever in Nashville.

I’m sad our trip has been over for the past several days but I guess all good things end…oh the struggle is real! One thing I can say is that the music in Nashville IS SO GREAT. Every bar/restaurant we went to, pretty much a had a live band and they were wonderful. Back home in Tampa, some bands can be alright but since everyone is trying to make it into the music industry in Tennessee, there was NOT one flaw I could point out in any band or singer. But that’s my opinion. To each their own!

Now I will let you into the Grand Ole Opry. But you should still go see it in person!!



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