You're As Sweet As Pie

Finger Lickin’ Good BBQ

it’s HUMPPPPDAYYYY. Halfway through that work week already. I am sure you are as happy as I am!! What better pick me up for the week with a post on BBQ. Let me tell you, the BBQ in Nashville was AMAZING. I loved it. It’s pretty good down here in Florida too though. Don’t get me wrong on that!

If you’re passing through the area, Peg Leg Porker is a must go to spot. It was quick and easy if you’re pressed on time. All you gotta do is order at the counter then they call your name, grab your grub and you’re good to go. Our table was so quiet well one because we were all pretty hungry and our friends were pressed on time since they had a flight to catch.

I had ordred the pulled pork with mac and cheese and baked beans. Yes, I know I’m NOT supposed to eat dairy but it was totally worth it! The pork was soooo good too. Usually, all baked beans taste the same but these were different. The beans were smokey and had a unique taste to them. It was worth the uber oh wait I mean GOLF CART RIDE. Yes, they do those in Nashville. I’m really weird because I don’t like eating a pork chop, etc but I love it pulled or braised. Don’t ask why. Anywho, I just love BBQ, food, trying new things and this place was awesome!

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