You're As Sweet As Pie

Dining Out: The Row

 Throwback Thursday to that time when I was in Nashville and had a pretty darn good breakfast. My dad and I had gotten to The Row Restaurant just in the knick of time. Once we walked in, they let us know we had around ten more minutes to let the kitchen know if we wanted to order breakfast. Which of course we did!

We were really pressed for time considering our flight was just in a few short hours but we made it on time. Although, I wish we didn’t so we could’ve had some extra time in this lovely city. Anywho, my dad got a BBQ Skillet and I ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes along with Beignets to share. Let me tell ya, the beignets made me think I was in NOLA for a minute. They were that good!

The pancakes were just as delicious being light, fluffy, sweet but not too rich either topped with powdered sugar. It wasn’t a healthy breakfast by any means but it’s a little hard to stay healthy and clean on vacay. Am I right?! The Row is a must go to spot if you’re in town. I’m glad one of my sorority sisters gave me a list of recs for my trip. This was a great last stop to get one last taste of Nashville. The service was good and everyone was friendly. Can’t get better than that!


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