You're As Sweet As Pie

Deerwood Deli & Diner

Happy Friday! I can not believe another week has flown by but I am super excited that we are just THAT much closer to football season. I mean just a couple weeks away until the actual season starts. I can’t wait to start up my fantasy league with my friends and hopefully win it all this year!

Enough about football…I wanted to share with you all my experience about quaint little diner in Jacksonville. I recently went up to Jax to visit a few friends for the weekend and tried out this amazing food from Deerwood Deli and Diner. It was so yummy. After a night out the day before, this food tasted even better the next morning haha.

My friend and I went for breakfast on my way out. I had gotten myself chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and bacon. I basically ate the whole thing, it was that good. What I loved about the pancakes was there was a ton of gooey chocolate chips inside of the pancakes and not just some thrown on top of the cakes. Usually, I would go out for breakfast and they just sprinkle some chips on top and call it a day. But NOPE not these.

The eggs were just scrambled so nothing different there and bacon is bacon. But bacon is amazing so you really can’t go wrong with that on any day of the week! I really recommend going to Deerwood Diner. It was a hidden gem and the service was on point. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and if you make your way to Jacksonville, let me know if you get a chance to stop by this cute little diner!



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