Put Some Prep in Your Step

National Bow Tie Day!

Good morning!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY. Why am I so happy? Well, this weekend, I am planning on going to IKEA to get some goodies for my new condo. SO trips to IKEA make me a very happy girl. Plus, I still have so much of my stuff thrown around since I have nowhere to put it. I am a really OCD person so it is driving me nuts!!


Anyways, let’s get to the reason on why I am posting today. It is National Bow Tie Day! Wahoo. Who doesn’t love a good bow tie? I loveeee them on my gents 😉 We even had a social in college for our sorority called Tied to The South…soo many good times with that event!

Southern Proper is actually giving you a FREE bow tie with any purchase and it started at midnight last night. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Now I just need to find myself a boyfriend to give this bow tie to…Aaron Rodgers..Justin Moore?! OH WAIT THEY’RE MARRIED. I’ll stop now. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and Go Bucs beat the Browns!! hehe had to throw in some football! xx

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