You're As Sweet As Pie

Local Coffee Shop: Moxie’s

I am so glad I got to sleep in today and feel completely refreshed. To go along with that, I really enjoy going to local coffee shops and taking a break from the real world by divulging into a book. One of my new favorite spots is Moxie’s here in downtown Tampa. I recently just ate there with my dad and it was pretty darn good. Can’t complain.

I had gotten myself an almond milk iced latte along with a french breakfast which consisted of a croissant, tomato, eggs and cheese. The flavors were great it is a good portion to keep you full for quite awhile! The service was pretty quick and you did not have to wait too long at all for your food and beverages.

If you’re in the area, you should stop by Moxie’s. It is located in the heart of downtown right by Curtis Hixon Park and Riverwalk. One thing I enjoyed about the coffee shop, is you order at the register and they bring out your food to your table. You take a number with you so they distinguish which order is for each table.

I feel like Sundays are always my relaxation day so figured I would share a nice local spot with you all!



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