You're As Sweet As Pie

Claudia Deen Healthy Pancakes

Morning my loves! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I found this lovely little recipe by Bobby Deen’s wife, Claudia. They are delicious healthy pancakes. I might of put a little too much spinach in my batter so they look a little green haha but they were still super good.

Here is the recipe and what you’ll need. They are easy to make and I will def be making them again soon!

“For 2 servings blend 1/2 cup of oats.

Then add to the blender 2 eggs, a ripen banana or maple syrup to sweeten,

a handful of spinach or 4 tbsp of leftover pulp (I used the carrot/leafy green pulp from yesterday’s juice),

a touch of unsweetened almond milk and a tbsp. of coconut oil (optional).

Mix well and with a spoon make the pancakes in a skillet, I used 2 tbsp. per pancake.”


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