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Nomsy: A New Way of Looking at Food Restrictions

Yay it is FRIYAY. I hope you all are having a fabulous week and have great weekend plans ahead. As many of you know, I do have a little bit of a dietary restriction with dairy products and lactose. It totally sucks but I have been getting used to it. An up and coming food allergy platform is launching soon which is Nomsy. They are a “community-based platform that empowers customized food discovery based on the way the user lives. The app can tell you which places have safer, healthier foods that fit your diet, which topics are trending with regards to your health interests, and recommend recipes and articles you may be interested in – all based on your dietary lifestyle.”

That sounds awesome right? I am super excited to work with this awesome business and see what the future holds for this great business. Nomsy has a go fund me account to help the company get off of their feet and a fun fact: all of the proceeds go to food allergy and Celiac disease research. They have partnerships with the Celiac Disease Foundation and End Allergies Together organizations so I find this really cool.

You can find their Go Fund Me account through this link and their Instagram handle is @nutfreenoms.

What better way to start the weekend with this great cause!

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