You're As Sweet As Pie

Oreo Cupcakes – Love at first sight!

I love this recipe and being a part of Our Growing Edge! Hope you all enjoy this little sweet treat 😉

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So this morning I got back from Turin after a very lovely weekend with my other half (as some people say XD). If you have never been to Turin, i highly recommend it. It is located in the north-west (geographically speaking, not the celebrity… I know I’m feeling quite sarcastic today) of Italy and is one of those cities that makes you think how beautiful is the world that we live in. I call it my Little Paris because it’s buildings are very similar to Paris’s. Maybe it’s because Turin is pretty close to France or I’m sure there is a very good historical reason ( Turin was actually annexed to France in the ninteen century ) but wahtever the reason I’m just in love with this city so If you have the chance or you happen to find yourselves in Italy, visit Turin and then let me know what…

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