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Blog Spotlight: Katie Bliss

I am sooo excited to share with you my little interview I had with Katie Manwaring from Katie Bliss Blog. She is one of my favorite fashionistas to follow so it was awesome to chit chat with her and see what she had to say. Enjoy the interview and hey tomorrow is FRIYAY. Wahoo! xx


When did you learn that you wanted to become a part of the blogging world? 
I decided to start my blog when I was a junior in college. I was bored and needed a creative outlet outside of my schoolwork! 
What is your drive for working for yourself? 
Every morning when I wake up I look forward to putting up a new post and connecting with my readers. Since I work full time in PR during the weekdays, it’s refreshing to have my own small business on the side where I can be my own boss.
How has social media impacted your life by telling your story online? 
Social media and the following I’ve gained on social media has changed my life. My blog 100% dictates what I share online. I’m very strategic about what and when I post. If I didn’t have Katie’s Bliss I probably wouldn’t even have personal social media accounts. 
If you had to pick a favorite aspect of the blog workspace (working for yourself), what would it be? 
Having the opportunity to totally “own” my little business. Every decision is made by me and if I don’t want to do something I don’t have to. That’s not always the case when you work for someone else! 
What advice do you have for others who would like to divulge into the social media business professionally (for fashion or in general)? 
Take your time and try your best not to be impulsive with career decisions. Do your research and speak with people in that field to get their thoughts! Social media is a 24/7 job and just because you aren’t in the office doesn’t mean you aren’t connected. The news cycle never pauses! For those thinking of blogging full time, there are many aspects of working for yourself that should be carefully considered and planned for before “quitting your day job.” These include, but aren’t limited to, health insurance, benefits, legal advisory and accounting. 

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