You're As Sweet As Pie

Hofbrauhaus Experience

Hi babes! Recently I got to try a new German restaurant here in the Tampa Bay Area, Hofbrauhaus. It was a pretty neat time. When we walked in, it was quite loud since the establishment had a live band playing classic German music. That was a cool thing but just wasn’t expecting it right away ha. 

Anywho, the tables are shared and the servers are pretty attentive well at least ours was. That’s always a good thing! For the table, my friends and I ordered a pretzel (big one) not a small one or else we wouldn’t be able to share. It also came with a couple of sauces. 

Now for the entrees, there was a sausage dog and burgers and so much more. Oh and beer and cocktails. Can’t forget about those! Needless to say, if you all are in downtown Saint Pete anytime soon, go check it out. It’s worth going at least once. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy watching the college football championship games!! xx 




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