Southern State of Mind

My Day & Night Routine 

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Today, I’m going to give you a little peak into my daily routines. So many bloggers that I follow post about theirs as well so I figured why not myself! 

First I start with good old makeup which consists of bronzer, blush, eyeliner, powder, concealers, mascara, bb cream and facial spray. All pretty basic things. I clearly love mac makeup. They are one of my favorite brands out there. 

Sometimes, I start or end my day with Miranda Kerr’s facial mask. It seriously is amazing and works wonders. Leaves my face so smooth and soft! 

Before I head out the door, I use a splash of my Tory Burch perfume that I am obsessed with. Thanks mom for the Christmas gift!    
Lastly, during the evenings, I begin with my make up wipes, face wash, eye make up remover and moisturizer. I also do the whole contact routine since I don’t want to sleep with those in 😉 

Can’t go wrong with mouthwash and some pretty good natural toothpaste. Before bed, I use bath & body works sleep spray which smells great and it does help me sleep a little better! 

Have a great day!!


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