Southern State of Mind

Bourbon, Brew & BBQ Festival 

Morning y’all! I am on a festival roll! The other weekend I had attended our bourbon, brew and BBQ festival in downtown Tampa. It was pretty cool. I’m not even a beer person but this festival made me one. I was trying local breweries so it wasn’t your average beer like bud light or natty 😉 

I can’t even remember all the ones I liked but I was a fan of the light, fruity and citrus flavors. I’m not a fan of the hoppy, dark beers. My friends and I also got to try some bourbons but unfortunately not the BBQ food. One, I gave up basically all animals for lent so that was hard for me to pick out a meal :/, two the line was so long, we decided to go around the corner to a restaurant instead. We were too hungry to wait any longer! 

Other than that, it was a great festival and I really hope it comes back next year. I even got a souvenir cup to take home! Woo. Anywho, I love exploring my hometown and participating in local events. Cheers to you and your Tuesday! 

Let me know in the comments below on what you enjoy doing on your free time 😉 



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