You're As Sweet As Pie

A Taste of Wahlburgers

I am super excited to say that I finally got to try Wahlburgers! I’ve always been a fan of the Wahlburgs and now I got to go to Paul Wahlburg’s restaurant in Orlando. It was pretty good. Reminded me of Shake Shack, with the set up of the restaurant.

Wahlburgers had everything from burgers (obviously) to salads to shakes. Of course, I got myself a chocolate shake along with a BBQ bacon burger. It was quite the treat and I’ll definitely be going back again. I usually don’t order burgers too often since I’m not a fan of red meats and my burger always ends up undercooked but this time, it was actually cooked perfectly for me. That’s always a plus! At least Orlando isn’t too far away either.

Maybe one day, I’ll see Marky Mark there!  If you end up going, tell me what you order and what you enjoyed from their menu. Have a great day!


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