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Review: Confessions of a Fitness Model by Madelyn Moon

Hi hi! Can you believe it is already Thursday? Time is literally flying by. I recently just finished reading Confessions of a Fitness Model by Madelyn Moon. I’ve been following her on her blog and podcast for quite some time now and can not get enough of it.

Maddy is always positive and uplifting and I highly suggest signing up for her updates and podcasts. Anywho, Maddy wrote a book regarding her past experience as a fitness model. From listening to her podcast, I had some sort of grip on what it entailed but boy was I in for a trip!

Moon goes in depth on how fitness can immensely damage your personal relationships, body image and how it can even lead to an eating disorder. For body image, it wasn’t just “I’m not pretty enough”, it was let’s see how much body fat I can lose, weigh my food to make sure you’re getting the right macros and the list goes on. We all think being a model is a great experience with all the perks and getting to be thin but we don’t really see what is consisted of.

Over the time span, she explains how working towards one fitness competition for months can lead to not even going out with friends because of calories from a beer or scared of the menu because that would throw off her meal planning and ruin her chance of winning the competition. Who would’ve thought this was a part of looking so awesome all the time right?

You’re probably thinking, oh that’s it for the book..nope there’s more of what Moon writes about. Media plays a huge part in the body image and fitness department as well. How you ask..let me tell you. One way is all of the advertisements, tv shows and movies telling us to be pretty, tan, thin and look a certain way.

Maddy even goes in depth on how Disney films made a huge impact on her and possibly other young girls growing up. From being rescued by Prince Charming and how every princess was just as perfect as can be. Thin, no waist, gorgeous hair and so much more. I never really thought about any of this until Maddy mentioned it. Although neither of us have anything against Disney but times are changing. Shoutout to my favorite princess, Belle 😉

She also writes about her experience with an eating disorder, orthorexia and her journey to recovery. I could go on and on for awhile about Maddy’s book but I won’t do you can go out and get yourself a copy to read for yourself. I highly recommend this read. It was well written, I learned a lot about the fitness industry and media that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t get myself this book.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and if you’ve read Confessions of a Fitness Model. Have a lovely day xx


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