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Southern Etiquette 101

untitled.pngHappy Wednesdayyyy. Hopefully you are having a glass of wine tonight to wine down! I know I will be! Anywho, I am totally obsessed with the show, Southern Charm on Bravo. The show is based in Charleston, SC and a group of friends who reside there. One of the cast members, Patricia Altschul spoke with Town & Country and gave her advice on dating today, etiquette and a few other things.

T & C Interview with Patricia

Here is an excerpt from her interview below.

Do you have any important etiquette tips? 

I think that people have forgotten how to meet one another properly. When you meet somebody, it is always correct to say “How do you do? My name is—” I have a trick that I will divulge: If I have forgotten somebody’s name I’ll say to them, “Tell me your name again,” and they’ll say “Tom,” and I’ll say “No, no, Tom, your last name.” So it is like I knew their first name but [I didn’t know] their last name. It is a good one and has served me well.”

I have to say I really agree with Patricia on quite a few things she mentioned especially social media and how it has become such a big part of our lives even with online dating. Patricia is one of my favorites on the show as well. She is witty and I just love her soirees she hosts.

Do you watch Southern Charm? Who’s your favorite cast member? Mine is Cameran since I even watched her on the Real World San Diego back in the day! That makes me feel super old saying that…well have a great rest of your evening and week!



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