Southern State of Mind

Snappity Snap! 

Good morning and happy Friday! I am happy it is finally the weekend. I’m ready to lay by the pool with a good book and relax in this sunny Florida weather. I hope you have lovely plans as well! 

Now you’re probably wondering what the heck this post is about with the does have to do with pictures and social media. Dun dun dun it is snapchat! I’ve had this great little app since 2012 I believe. A couple friends of mine in college told me about it so I caved and got it. Now all of sudden, it blew up. Crazy right? 

I use it mainly just for fun and to interact with my friends. Not really a tool for my blog or else I would say follow me on it. But I do have some bloggers and celebs I enjoy following on snap. Some are fun, give business advice and have fun nights out  with friends that are quite entertaining!

Who to add: 

Brett Eldredge. Country singer who sings to you on a daily basis with his awesome voice and I just think he is too adorable. Talk about a man crush Monday every day 😉 

Claudia Deen. Wife of Bobby Deen, has more of a health and fitness aspect to her snaps. 

Jordan Younger. You may know her from her blog, The Balanced Blonde. A healthy lifestyle blogger. I’ve read her book, love her site and how down to earth she is. 

Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick. Lauryn is a lifestyle blogger I’ve been following for awhile and Michael is her fiancé. They both give great advice for blogging, love life, business and so much more. 

Katie Manwaring from Katie Bliss Blog. I loveeee her snaps. She posts some with her boyfriend, fashion blogger insights, and her nights out in NYC. 

That’s all I have for you folks! Hope you have a great weekend xx 


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