Southern State of Mind

Mother’s Day 101

Well I can not believe it is that time of year again…Mother’s Day. I know a lot of you have some last minute shopping to do as do I. I figured I would help you out with some gift ideas. 

Let’s start off with jewelry. I know pretty basic but I do work in the business so I had to say it! Pandora and Alex & Ani have some wonderful choices of charms and bracelets to choose from. 

A picture collage. I’ve done this in the past for some of my best friends and a great way to be able to look at great memories every day. Super easy to make too. Just get a frame from Joanns and make prints of your favorite pictures. I’m not even a creative person and this was easy to do! 

Spa day. I mean you can even make it for the two of you or with your siblings as well. A great way to spend time with your mom and to relax of course. 

Baking something from the heart. Make something from scratch for your mom. I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes so this is a perfect opportunity to do just that. She would know that you spent quite some time on it and didn’t just go to Publix to pick up cupcakes. 

Alrighty then, I really hope this helped you and your gift ideas for your momma. I hope you have a great weekend and upcoming Mother’s Day! 


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