Southern State of Mind

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Happy afternoon to you all! You’re probably wondering what I’m writing about Texas for. Well let’s get real here for a second…real as in reality tv. Recently, I’ve been getting more into the housewives shows and I don’t know why. But the Real Housewives of Dallas suckered me in a couple weeks ago when it first aired. 

All the drama, events, friendships and so much more are just that addicting. Plus it’s in Texas so what can get better than that? Any who, it’s actually pretty interesting even though a lot of the show is probably set up by the producers but whatever. 

My favorite southern belles on this little show are Stephanie and Brandi. They are both hilarious, fun moms who put themselves out there and don’t care. The both of them actually remind me of me and a couple of my close friends. Funny how that happens! Can’t wait to see what is in store for us next week on this crazy train in Texas. 

Air time: Bravo, Mondays at 10pm

Are you into any reality shows lately? What are you watching? Let me know! And if you have a suggestion for a future post, comment below. Have a great day! xx


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