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The Skinny with Lauryn Evarts

Hi my lovely readers! I finally finished up The Skinny Confidential’s Bombshell Workout Plan and it was a pretty good plan that kicked my behind at times. Every now and then, I did treat myself to something sweet and tried my best to stick to her meal plan. Her recipes are easy to make and quite delicious. My favorite would have to be Lauryn’s 3 ingredient yummy and I make them all the time since I usually have the ingredients in my pantry.

I got to chit chat with Lauryn about how she started blogging to how it became a success and everything in between. Before you start reading the interview, I highly suggest you listen to Lauryn’s podcast she has with her fiancé, Michael. I am obsessed. Great advice on life, business, social media and so much more. Alrighty, here you go, let me know what you think of the interview, skinny confidential, and blogging in the comments below. Enjoy!!

The Skinny Confidential Book Questions

Q1: You’ve built a successful business out of blogging, did you always want to be a blogger? How did you come up with the idea for The Skinny Confidential?

The idea of The Skinny Confidential came about when I was attending San Diego State University. I was incredibly frustrated by the lack of healthy food options on campus. At the time I was going to school full time, working days & nights, and just very busy in general. Also, I didn’t have a ton of money for healthy food.

So I started modifying all of my meals. I would take off one side of the bread in a sandwich or swap lettuce for spinach, I became really good at altering my meals to make them more healthy on a budget. One day I sort of had a lightbulb moment & I thought, ‘why not share my tips and tricks with other women?’

Since then, The Skinny Confidential has evolved from a fitness and health blog to a community for women all over the world to come & share their tips and tricks. It’s a source of inspiration for women. It’s also a book, an app, and soon to be product line.


Q2: What kind of info are women getting when they visit TSC?

Anything & everything! The more taboo the better, HA! One day I’ll share a healthy 1 minute recipe, the next I’m talking home decor, and then another day I’m explaining how to avoid yeast infections. It sort of varies.

Ultimately I like to get REAL real.

Balance is probably the main theme throughout the blog.


Q3: What are your top easy fitness tips?

Workouts should be effective, not time consuming. I use TSC Bombshell Body Guide which integrates barre, yoga, Pilates, and your favorite personal trainer all into one. It’s 27 minutes, I’m dead sore after, and I can do it anywhere. I shoot for three times a week.

You need cardio. Not a lot, but you need it regularly. I speed walk on the treadmill at least twice a week for 30 minutes each.

I love a good Pilates class— huge Pilates fan. Also, yoga once in awhile is always good for the psyche.


Q4: Favorite quick/easy recipe?

Easy, the TSC 3 Ingredient Pancakes. I am also obsessed with TSC Detox Drink; I drink it every morning.

Q5: Tell us about your journey from blog to book. What inspired you to go from online to also in print?

Since I get a lot of questions from readers, I thought it would be fun to put all of my tips in one place, in print, so people could have it at home with them and refer to the chapters whenever they needed to. A lot of the info in the book is not found on the blog.

Q6: What can we expect to read in “The Skinny Confidential: A Babes Sexy Sassy Fitness and Lifestyle Guide?

It’s a lot like my blog, I write about everything & anything. You’ll also find recipes, personal stories, relationship advice ( like how to avoid the “Love Chub” ), easy/quick workouts, TONS of pictures, and more.

Q7: Which chapter did you have the most fun writing?

I loved writing about my relationship. It was fun & something I don’t talk too much about on The Skinny Confidential.


Q8: Between the blog, staying fit, your fiancé, dogs, managing a social life, the list goes on and on, how do you manage it all? Do you have any tips for women that wish there were more hours in the day?

There’s definitely not enough hours in the day but I try to make things quick and easy in any way I can. For instance, I use the 27 minute workouts in TSC Bombshell Body Guide and a lot of my recipes take 5 to 10 minutes to make. Quick, easy, painless.

As far as balancing it all? I recommend LISTS. Stick to them. I also set goals for myself & make sure to meet them. Balance is discipline & discipline is difficult. If it were easy though, everyone would practice strict discipline. Discipline can really take you places if it’s utilized correctly.

My ultimate advice: start small, think big.


Q9: What’s the single most important thing you’ve learned from building a successful blog empire?

That anything worth it takes time & patience. Success takes time. Business takes time. Building anything takes time. Relationships take time.

I launched my brand over 5 years ago. I have blogged and worked on it every single day, 7 days a week. Again, discipline is key.


Q10: What are you working on now? Any books or special projects we should be  looking out for?

TSC Bombshell Body Guide and Membership just launched, which I am super excited about. It’s basically my blog on steroids. Every single month I add new content to the site including workouts targeted to specific areas of the body, recipes, general information, and more. Members have access to all of the content, plus they can print it out. It’s my way of helping women maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Also, another book & possibly product line are in the works. Stay tuned!



+TSC Book

+Bombshell Body Guide

+Snapchat UN: LaurynEvarts





And I leave you with an adorable picture of her little dogs. I love my kitty a LOT but this is making me want to adopt a dog right now… 😉 until next time my loves!



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