Southern State of Mind

Burger Showdown 2016

Morning my loves! Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend. Even though I worked on Memorial Day, it was still a great Friday through Sunday for me. 

Recently, Tampa has been having some awesome festivals. Like this burger showdown I am about to tell you all about. This was my second year attending and it was worth it. I actually liked this year better than last year. 

What your ticket included, was a tasting of a burger from each restaurant participating. If you got tickets ahead of time (which I slacked on), you also got a drink ticket. The burgers were also a bigger portion this year. Last time, they were sliders and now we ended up getting a half of a burger. 

I may have overate a bit but it was that good 😉 I would recommend going if you’re in the Tampa Bay Area. The event took place downtown at Curtis Hixon Park. 

If I had to pick my favorite burger, it would have to be from Eat’s American Grill. With that, here are a few shots I took while at the festival. 

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