Southern State of Mind

A Review of Let It Out

Happy lazy Sunday. In Tampa today, it has been the perfect book and movie weather. We had sunshine this morning but then it’s been raining off and on. Nothing surprising there!

With that being said, I actually got the chance to finish a book by Katie Dalebout, Let it Out. This book was a wonderful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Katie explains the power of journaling and how it can help you cope with different situations.

For example, to begin your day in a positive way, you can start by writing down at least three things you are grateful for. Each day, you keep adding onto the list and you won’t even realize how much positivity you’re surrounded by.

One thing I really thought was great about this book was you can keep it as a reference tool. I can go back to any chapter on how I am feeling at that very moment and see how writing out my feelings can help myself in a positive way.

I started to get more into journaling recently and picked up Katie’s book and I am super glad I did! You can find Katie on her blog site, podcast, snapchat and the list goes on.

Do you journal? What’s your way with dealing with your feelings? xx


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