Southern State of Mind

Sweet Summertime with a BBQ!

Good morning! I can’t believe how fast this summer is going by already. I’m trying to take advantage of the nice weather when I can. With that being said, I actually had a BBQ the other day with some friends. I have some pointers for you all to use! 

Even though it rained this past weekend, the sun still came out and we had a chance to enjoy the sunshine. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Well at least to my knowledge 😉 

First thing is first, make sure you have a little bit of a head count of how many guests you are expecting. This way you can purchase the right amount of food, favors, and everything in between. 

I always like to have a nice presentation of the plates, food and beverages as well. It always make your guest feel like they are welcomed when they come into your home. 

You’ll need plenty of seating for everyone to be comfortable and have a nice time. I always try my best to accommodate everyone with this and luckily we had plenty of tables outside too. 

After everyone is situated, go ahead and start cooking! Ask your guests what they would like to eat and you’re all set to go. I hope these little tips help you! If you have anything to add onto this post, feel free to leave a comment below. 


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