Southern State of Mind

Stay Fit with Carrie Underwood 

Happy FriYAY! So glad it’s the weekend and we can all finally relax and rewind. I’m currently on my way to Miami to see some family which will be nice. Just not looking forward to this car ride with the parents…ha. 

Anyways, I’ve always adored Carrie Underwood and I finally got my hands on her workout line. Let me tell you, I am obsessed. I purchased myself a pair of comfy yoga pants and workout tee that were on sale. Pretty good deal too! 

Carrie has everything from bathing suits to yoga wear to comfy blouses. I already want to order some more goodies for myself..I’m totally going to get in debt the way I’m going. Just kidding! 

Here’s a little snap of what products Carrie carries for her line Calia. Let me know what you think and if you end up purchasing anything. Have a great weekend! 


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