You're As Sweet As Pie

Diners in Tampa Bay

Hello my lovely readers, hope you all are having a great weekend! Can you believe it is the first weekend of August?! Crazy. And football is back on tonight. Well pre-season that is. Super exciting! 

Anywho, I am so happy to say that Metro Diner has finally opened here in St. Pete. The last time I had gone was in Jacksonville a few years back. I knew it was a chain and it was just a matter of time that it would make its way over here. 

Fun fact: Metro Diner was also featured on Diners; Dives in and Drives with Guy Fieri on food network. Pretty awesome right? 

First time I dined at Metro, I had their grilled cheese sandwich..I know pretty basic. But second time around, I had amazing chicken and waffles. I’ve had quite a few take on this meal and this one is one of my favorites. 

I mean doesn’t it look amazing! If you ever get the chance to go, let me know what you try. Or if you’ve already been, tell me in the comments what your favorite meal is at Metro Diner! 

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