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Early Christmas Gift Guide

Hi to my favorite people and readers! Hope you all are having a lovely week this far. You’re probably wondering why I am doing a gift guide when it is only August…well it’s never too early to start shopping and making those lists either. Before you know it, it will be November and everyone will be going crazy at the mall and stores around you! So in the long run, you are welcome! 😉

I know I like to stay comfortable during the work week and even weekends. So I am sure your significant other would like to do the same on their downtime. I have discovered an awesome brand Tommy John and I have included a few of their items in the gift guide. Their merchandise is affordable, suiting for all sizes for men, and wide variety of choices.

Here is a gift guide for your boyfriend/husband/whatever you want to call your relationship. Tis the season…almost! Plus who doesn’t love the holidays?


Tommy John Contrast Dress Socks. I love the color and length of them. How perfect is the deep red? Reminds me of FSU. I just had to throw that in there (alma mater shoutout!)


Tommy John Undershirt. I mean your perfect gentleman has to be super comfy underneath his suit or just lounging around. What better way to do that with an undershirt.


Young and Beardless. You’re probably thinking why this book? He’s young, on Duck Dynasty…well don’t give your hopes up just yet. It’s a pretty awesome read and helpful to your every day life whether you’re 18 or 31. I just finished it this past week and really enjoyed it. Great advice about life, faith and family. I also wrote a little review on it as well. Check it out here.

36404Bourbon Glass Set. Lastly, we end with a nice glass set. Majority of men like cocktails strong so I found this quite fitting. Reminds me of Mad Men too. Hello Don Draper!

I hope this gift guide helped you out and if have any suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comments below! xx


2 thoughts on “Early Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Hey! So I got an email about this, and honestly – when I get emails about blog posts, it’s the title that grabs my attention. As soon as I saw the words chrstimas, I had to read :’) I love it, I’m so glad and happy there are others in the world who loves christmas, autumn and winter as much as I DO! 😀 xxx


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