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Local Eats: Fodder & Shine

Good morning and happy weekend! Hope yours is off to a good start. I know mine is! This past week, I had the chance to try out a restaurant here in Tampa, Fodder & Shine. I’ve only been once before and only had an appetizer so this time around, my friend and I ordered a few things.

Boy, we did not go wrong! We started with the cornbread and nachos. But they weren’t tortilla chips, they were potato chips. Which was even better and they were loaded with meat and beans and so much more.

The cornbread was the perfect amount and was so tasty. Both my friend and I had gotten the chicken biscuit sandwich as our meal which was pretty big for us and the right amount. It was delicious. You can never go wrong with biscuits and fried chicken especially in the south 😉

Lastly, us Cuban gals had to get dessert which was a chocolate layered devil cake. I was thinking it was going to be a normal sliced cake but I was totally wrong. It was a big portion but worth it. I love chocolate and this cake had the perfect amount of richness. I really suggest it if you all get the chance to go.

That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for more fun reviews and local eats! xx

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