Southern State of Mind

Finance Goals 2017 

Hi and happy Friday and weekend! What better way to kick it off with some helpful budgeting tips. Thanks to Earnest for collaborating on this post with me.

Starting off the new year is always fun but looking at your finances from the past year isn’t. What better way to begin your year with a good budget to keep on hand. I know that sounds great to me and to work on my personal budget as well.
There are several aspects to what I will work on in the upcoming year or in general. Here they are listed below:

A grocery budget. Meaning food I really only need and not just craving at the moment…sorry ice cream!

Starting a 401K which I actually created one for myself this past month. I mean I would like to retire one day and be able to relax and not have to work my whole life 😉
Lowering my extra expenses like tv packages, other subscriptions. I don’t really need 300 channels so why waste the extra money on it.

I hate to admit it but I’m really bad at this next one which is eating out and coffees, etc. I do this more than expected when I am low on groceries. But I am trying my best to get better and realize how much I can save by eating in more and even making my own coffee.


I have a money savings challenge to go by and use to help me get through it. This was put together in collaboration with Earnest, a service which can help you save and budget by refinancing student loans. Feel free to use it yourself and let me know how your budget goes. I hope to complete my budget sooner than later and be able to see a difference in my spending habits.

Have a great day my loves! xx

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