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Strawberry Festival 2017

Hi my loves. I know I’ve been a little slow at posting but I am finally getting back into the swing of things. For the past six years, gosh that’s a long time…I’ve been going to the strawberry festival. It is a local festival for strawberries held in Plant City. Yes you heard that correctly! 

You can get anything from strawberries to jam to strawberry bread. And amazing country music artists who come to perform. This year I had the chance to see two of my favorite characters from the show Nashville, Clare Bowen and Charles Esten. They were amazing live! 

I’ve seen Clare before in Nashville two years ago so it was awesome to see her again. My friend and I also had some pretty good festival food you know Amish donuts, fried everything and so much more. If y’all get the chance to go, you should and let me know what you think. Have a great day! 


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Festival 2017”

  1. Thanks for the reminder sweetie ,I need to do that !!!
    Strawberries are like having dogs if somebody doesn’t like them….. I could possibly have a trust issue …lol😇


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