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Plan Your Week with Emily Ley ;)

Hi loves! I know I am a day LATE on posting about Emily Ley’s amazing new planners that launched yesterday but this work week has been hectic and I didn’t have time to schedule a post. I know that’s totally NOT like me but hey I’m here now and it’s up and running so that’s all that matters. I am super excited to be a part of Emily’s affiliate team and be able to spread the word about her lovely business.

Below are her new awesome simplified planners that were launched. Feel free to select your favorite from below and place your order. What do you use your planner mostly for? Academics, Life, anything and everything?! I’m sure she has the right one for you. Let me know what you end up getting. Have a wonderful day! xx

Weekly Edition

2017-2018 Academic Weekly Happy Stripe
2017-2018 Academic Weekly Gold Pineapple
2017-2018 Academic Weekly Gold Dot
2017-2018 Academic Weekly Fancy Floral

Daily Edition

2017-2018 Academic Daily Gold Pineapple
2017-2018 Academic Daily Happy Stripe
2017-2018 Academic Daily Gold Dot
2017-2018 Academic Daily Fancy Floral

The Simplified Planner is unlike other planners out there – it was designed SUPER simple, on purpose. Emily is a busy mom of three little ones (6, 2, and 2 <- yep, toddler twins!) and a business owner. And in late 2011, she needed a place to keep it all together that would allow a fresh start every day. She needed something VERY simple. The Simplified Planner includes space to keep track of your schedule, tasks, meals, and notes – and that’s it! Here are a few highlights below:

– Perfectly portable, Daily: 7 x 9″ // Weekly : 6 x 8″
– Runs August 2017 – July 2018 – True gold binding
– BEST planner paper in the world (Mohawk Via Vellum)
– Color on every page
– Inside pocket
– Stickers included
– Amazing packaging

To celebrate the launch, we’re also offering FREE monogramming on every Simplified Planner purchase (a $6 value!) + FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100!

Our accessories make a great addition to each order – and are perfect to use in the Simplified Planner or accessorize a desk. Our most popular accessories are :

Happy Stripe Pen –> Matches the Simplified Planner!
Pineapple Pen Cup –> The perfect accessory for a desk!
Coffee Cup Paper Clips –> The cutest paper clips!

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