Southern State of Mind

Social Media Detox!!!

Hi! Happy Friday. Yes I am literally writing this as I watch Seinfeld on my couch. I just had to share a revelation I had today…social media is too addicting! I realized how much time I spend on it during the day and it amounted to way too much of my time. 

So in the middle of today, I deleted apps on my phone I don’t use, deactivated my personal Facebook account, deleted my Snapchat account for good and it felt amazing! Some things I just don’t really need if it’s not doing anything for me. 

It’s always good to be in the moment rather than looking down on your phone and taking a picture to have someone else see it and wish they were doing the same thing. You’re probably wondering but wait lauren you blog, how can you detox from socials? Well it’s doable. My Facebook page for my blog is still active with another person monitoring it and I still have my Instagram account. It’s just something nice to do every once in awhile. 

Have you tried it a social media detox? Let me know how it went. Also, I try to only follow positive accounts and nothing negative. Who wants to scroll through a feed of negativity? Not me!! Anyways, have a great night and weekend xx 

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