Boutique of The Day: Poppy Apparel Shop

Hi babes! Happy Saturday. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. I know I am! I love that I got to sleep in a bit and relax before I head to a baby shower amongst other things today. 

Anyways, I recently discovered a boutique poppy apparel. They have adorable outfits that I am obsessed with. I have already eyed some blouses and skirts that I really should and shouldn’t get if ya know what I mean! 

Today is your lucky day because I have a little promo code for y’all for 10% off! What better way to start your weekend? Am I right?! 

Promo code: sweetsouthernn 

These are a couple of my favorite picks. I love the skirt and print and the white blouse. I mean these are mostly for play but maybeee I could pull it off for work 😉 

Well I am off now to enjoy my Saturday. I hope y’all have a good one too!! 


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