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Pilates on My Mind

Hi hi to my lovely readers!! I am super excited to share some news with you which is… I am teaming up with Club Pilates on their Grand Opening here in South Tampa. I CAN’T WAIT till they open. Fun fact I’ve actually never done pilates but I’ve been wanting to try it out and now I can.
They are offering complimentary classes for the first week and I just signed up for one. I know I’ve been wanting to get back into a routine and this will really help with that. I’ll have pictures and more to come on my thoughts for the new studio opening up. If you’re wondering what exactly Club Pilates is about then don’t you worry..I’ve got ya covered! Here are some details below. Let me know if you end up going if you’re local or if you’ve tried pilates before. Would love to hear your thoughts 😉
Club Pilates’ goal is is simple.  Everyone should have the opportunity to reap the benefits of regular Pilates routine utilizing the specialized Pilates equipment. Their studios are beautiful and updated, contain state-of-the-art equipment, and have highly qualified Pilates instructors who have over 450 hours of certification.
Pilates is good for all and can be experienced by everyone.  Club Pilates provides group Pilates Reformer Classes seven days a week, form early morning to late evening.  There’s a Club Pilates class for even the busiest of schedules!
The nature of the Reformer (and our Club Pilates approach) allows for simultaneous lengthening and strengthening of the body-resulting in a sculpted physique and enhanced well-being of the body and mind.  Pilates is a full-body workout that couples breath and activation of deep muscles to obtain amazing results.  Club Pilates’ technique are athletically beneficial and provide therapeutic balancing of the body.
Club Pilates will be having a Friends and Family opening over Memorial Day weekend with our Opening Week with complimentary Demo classes scheduled for May 30-June 4Complimentary Demo Class
They will also be offering a 20% discount off the first 3 months of your membership! I already signed up for my complimentary class so y’all be do the same soon before they are all booked up. I’m super excited. Let me know when you sign up and maybe we’ll have the same session. Tell them Lauren sent you! Have a great day xx

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