Southern State of Mind

Georgia On My Mind 

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have been enjoying yourselves. Hopefully this weather clears up over here in Tampa. I was going to go to the pool but it’s been a rainy kind of day which is no fun. 

If you follow me on social media then you know I recently made a trip to Georgia and South Carolina. I had a blast but I wish I was there longer. Trips go by way too quickly! 

To sum it up, I had a pretty awesome brunch at Hitch, went to Tybee Island & ate some seafood at North Island Grill, went out on River Street, and had good coffee at Foxy Loxy which was recommended by Claudia Deen yes you know Bobby Deen’s wife! I love the Deens sorry I’m not sorry haha. Had some delicious burgers and B & B restaurant and yummy dessert at Lulu’s Dessert Bar which is a must in Savannah. 

Anyways here are some lovely shots I got from that weekend. Let me know if you have any favorite spots in Savannah. Would love to know and check them out next time I go! 

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