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Emily Ley Baby Books {Mint Edition} are BACCKK In Stock! 

Happy Tuesday y’all! Good news is Emily Ley’s baby books are back in stock and better than ever. They are precious and adorable. Now I wish I had a little one to write about in one. I’ll have to wait a bit for that to happen for me but I love spending time with loved ones who are blessed to have children from God. 

This Baby Book was created by Emily as she awaited the arrival of her twins. After searching high and low for the perfect Baby Book for her son, Brady, she decided to create one that was both modern and classic — with plenty of guided writing space as well as open space for moments and photographs. It features 64 pages each with gold foil detailing and a textured cushioned hard cover – and is perfectly gender neutral! 

We also offer Baby Book Page Packs that fit perfectly inside the Baby Book and gives extra space and prompts to tell a child’s unique story. 
Fun fact: the baby book is the second most popular book next to Academic Daily Fancy Floral 2017 to 2018! 

 Heavenly Baby Page Pack

NICU Page Pack

Infertility Page Pack

Foster Care Page Pack
Adoption Page Pack

So as you can see, there are plenty of choices for you to pick from for you and your family. From adopting to fostering to having one of your own. I adore all of them since they are all so dear and precious. Let me know if you end up getting one and which one is your favorite edition of the books. Have a great day! xx 

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