Southern State of Mind

Joyful Tuesday with Pureflix 

Hi my loves! Happy Tuesday. We are one day closer to the weekend. I know I’m being like super optimistic here but hey why not! To brighten your day and mine, I recently got reached out to with Pureflix, an online movie streaming site that has uplifting and happy movies to watch.

I really enjoy and love what they stand for. I’m going to cozy up with some movies later this week from Pureflix myself. They even have one of my favorite movies on there, God’s Not Dead. If y’all haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. What a great time to do so too.

For the months of June and July, Pureflix will be making an impact on the world. They will be delivering over $10,000 worth of goods to families in need through Convoy of Hope. Can you believe there are over 13 million children suffering from hunger around the world? I honestly can’t and I would like to do more to help solve that issue.

Visit Pureflix here to select a movie to watch with your family, friends or significant other. Feel free to visit Convoy of Hope and learn even more about this amazing cause. Just by watching a film, you can help out others and even by going out there and volunteering as well in your community.

Go out there and make a difference today! xx


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