Southern State of Mind

Sunday Vibes: Pool Days

Happy Sunday! Where is the time going?! I really think this year is flying by. Honestly, it needs to slow down or I’ll wake up and I’ll already be retired 😉

This Florida weather has been a hit or miss lately which I guess is okay but kind of annoying since I’ve been wanting to tan more often. I also got myself an adorable sunburst tye dye towel too that I’ve been wanting to use. I bought it from Sand Cloud which they were actually on Shark Tank awhile back. Anyways, their proceeds go back to marine life and keeping it alive and well.

I love their cause and all of their goodies. That is why I ended up being an ambassador for them! Growing up by the water, I always wanted to help preserve the sea life and everything around it. So this is one way to do it too.

I ended up getting a bracelet for ambassadors, a pin and my towel. I really like this color of the towel too because it is fitting since I love the color pink and pastels and perfect to even have thrown around in my place and have it match my furniture // designs!

Oh and did I mention I have a little discount code for y’all to use too?! Yep, it’s for 25% off and it is LaurenSanch25. Go out and save some fishies. I hope you have a great day and rest of your weekend! xx


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