Southern State of Mind

What I’m Loving Lately

Hi babes. Happy weekend! I have a fun filled weekend ahead of fsu block party to kick off football season, birthday brunch and more. What do you have going on? Would love to hear! 

I know I’ve probably told you this before but I got this blog post idea from Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde. I love how she incorporates her favorite things for her readers or in case they missed it from an earlier post. 

To start off, I’ve been really enjoying Club Pilates here in South Tampa. It is a new Pilates membership club with different levels of classes. The teachers are very helpful and give insight when needed in the class. They also have the classes small enough so everyone gets the attention they need. 

Bulletproof. Been into a LOT lately. Like I can’t stop listening to the podcast, making bulletproof coffee, getting myself bulletproof items. Dave Asprey has great insight in the health and wellness world and you gain a lot of information by reading his site or listening to his show. His book, Headstrong is on my birthday list. 

Something I didn’t know was Lily Collins has a book. It seems like a fun and easy read to do so it is on my list. Lily is Phil Collins daughter who works in the entertainment industry as well. Her book is about dating, her life, etc. 

Lastly, football is back! So I am very happy about that. Let fantasy football begin and the real games. Can’t wait to cheer on some of my teams ( Bucs, Noles) being the top two. 

Have a great day and let me know what you’re loving lately 😉 


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