Southern State of Mind

A-Town Baby 

Sundayyyy is here but so is Irma. Eek. Praying for the best outcome of this disaster. If you follow me then you know I recently took a trip to Atlanta and it was a blast. 

I don’t think I’ve really been and if I have I was very young when I was in Atlanta last. All I remember was seeing cabbage patch kids factory and that’s it… so yea. Anyways, I was there last weekend for the FSU Alabama game. 

The outcome wasn’t what us fsu fans wanted but it was still a good time. I had tons of fun with my friend and sorority sister as we toured Atlanta, went to college hall of fame, ponce city market, amazing food and more. 

Wish I could stay longer but I’ll be back soon I’m sure. Buckhead was my favorite spot I think. I mean I had an alumni event for my major in hospitality at buckhead club and it was pretty cool to chat with other alum and skyrise views. 

Amazing southern cuisine too. Like from fried chicken to burgers to cocktails and so much more for this foodie in me. Hops chicken in ponce city market was good, Aria for dinner (calamari, pork belly, yummy desserts), the Ivey for drinks, Einsteins for brunch, King of Pops and the list goes on. 

My favorite part was college hall of fame. It was awesome seeing the history of college football and how it’s evolved over the years. Pretty neat facts and activities to do too. Here are some shots from my fun Labor Day weekend. 

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