Put Some Prep in Your Step

Getting Fab This Fall 

Hi my loves. I’m starting to prep for this somewhat of fall weather here in Florida. Hoping it cools down more this year then previous years. One way I am hoping to stay warm with is with Just Fab.

They have perfect boots and accessories for any girl to have. You can never have enough boots or shoes am I right? I mean I know I am 😉 

Few fun facts:

VIP members will get their first style for $10. 

Member exclusives and discounts are not the only advantage of becoming a VIP member.
As part of the JustFab VIP membership program, shoppers will save up to 30% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. I mean that doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me… I’m just debating which membership I want! 

Okay like seriously some of these deals are too hard to pass up. I wish they could all magically appear right away. But that’s the magic of you doing it yourself at the touch of your phone or computer. 

Have a great day and stay safe xx

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