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Sunshiney Days 

This week flew by and now it is already Friday. How does that happen so fast? Not that I’m complaining! Anyways, couple days ago, I had an awesome time with my sister exploring Saint Pete and new little spots I haven’t been to. 

We walked around the edge district and it was also gorgeous weather too. I was surprised since a hurricane just pummeled through here. But I am thankful we did not get hit as badly as other cities in Florida. 

First stop was engine no 9 then iceburg for some ice cream and Ashe couture boutique. We had delicious burgers from engine no 9 that were loaded with bacon, peppers, sauces and more. My sister and I split burgers so that was one easy way to get full. 

Iceburg, we split a cookies an cream rolled ice cream with more cookies and syrup and butterfingers. It was worth the calories and stomach ache. I mean I don’t eat like that all the time so we were treating ourselves ya know! 

Afterwards, we stopped at Ashe couture boutique and I ended up getting a matching dress to my sister’s. An adorable floral dress which is perfect for the weather right now. 

Have you been to the edge district? What’s your favorite spot? There’s so many more places I want to try that I haven’t been to yet! Have a great day and weekend xx 

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