Southern State of Mind

Disney Days Are The Best Days



Good morning! I hope you all had a good weekend. I celebrated my birthday in Tallahassee with some friends and had a blast. Even though we lost our game, we still made the best of it. I recently went to Disney with one of my friends and we both celebrated our birthdays there a little early.

As always, it was a blast and always fun to use my Disney pass. We started with breakfast at Belle’s Castle, explored magic kingdom for bit then animal kingdom then back to magic kingdom then Disney springs for dinner at Morimoto Restaurant. It was a long day but worth it. I hadn’t been to animal kingdom for years so it was fun to go back.

I remember one of the expierences for it’s a bug’s life. Such a cute show! I can’t wait to go back later this year during the holidays for cooler weather and Christmas decor. So exciting to see!

This time around, Disney had the parks decorated for fall with pumpkins. It was adorable! Here are some photos I got from our day trip. If you follow along with me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen more of my photos already (sweet_southern__). Hope you have a great day xx

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