Southern State of Mind

What I’m Loving Lately 

Happy Sunday! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written but it’s been kind of a crazy busy month. But I’m hoping to get more content out there for y’all! 

So I love this idea of a post from Jordan over at Balanced Blonde Blog and wanted to have it here on my site. I’m glad I can relax and write this on this sunny Sunday afternoon. The weather has been so nice lately and I’m really enjoying it. I may even go to the pool..only in Florida in fall you can tan! 

Anyways, here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately! 

  • Stranger Things. They finally came out with the second season and it was quite interesting to say the least. I won’t spoil it but Will gets crazy and dermagorgons!!! Do you watch it? Let me know. 
  • Finding fun recipes to try. I had a fail with one yesterday (paleo pumpkin muffins) and nailed another that was a pumpkin brownie recipe. So that was fun! I’ll be posting the brownie recipe. It’s addicting! 
  • Emily Ley Planners. They are seriously awesome and perfect if you like to strategically plan your day like I do. They have an hourly option so you can plan out every second of your day which is awesome. I have the pineapple planner and it’s so cute too 😉 
  • Hallmark started their signature Christmas movies so I finally caved and started watching them today as we speak. And yes, I do have a few favorites like Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade, Santa Matchmaker… list goes on. 
  • Cooler weather for sweaters, boots and unlimited PSLS. I don’t really need to elaborate on this because I think you get the drift! 
  • Warby Parker’s New Archive Collection Super fun glasses. Still debating on which style I like most. What are your go to? 

I am off to binge like ten hallmark movies. Hope you all have a great day!! xx 

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