Southern State of Mind

Travel Days: Tallahassee


Hi babes. I️ know I’ve been slacking lately on posting but life has gotten in the way and it’s been chaotic and busy. And now it is already thanksgiving tomorrow! Insane.

What do you have planned? I’m going over to my parents and having a Friendsgiving tonight. Pumpkin dip, pumpkin pie, ham and more is on the menu. Super basic I️ know but worth it.

If you’ve been following me on the socials then you know I️ went to Tallahassee recently. I️ went up for a friend’s birthday and a game. Had a great time as usual. And fsu won so that was really nice to see after the way this season has been going.

At the end of our game, Cole Swindell performed. It was amazing. First time seeing him live and I️ like him even more than I️ did before now. Such a cutie too if ya ask me 😉

While in tally, I️ also got to stop at Gordo’s Cuban Restaurant which is a staple up there, saw the recent update on construction on my sorority house Alpha Gam, hangout with sorority sisters, explored college town-township, centrale, shopped, and had a pretty good coffee from Black Dog Cafe. Oh did I️ mention how it actually felt like fall because it was in low 60s and 50s?! So to go along with that weather, I️ had a yummy white chocolate, pumpkin and maple latte. Soooo good!!

I️ wish I️ could’ve stay longer but I️ couldn’t! I️ may be back soon though. Who knows. Here are some shots from my trip. I️ also got to check out Table 23 which is a fairly new southern restaurant in Tallahassee. It was tasty. Got their grouper, fries, hush puppies (not pictured because I ate them before I️ snapped a shot ha) and cocktail along with a southern assortment of food like bacon, pecans, fig jam and more.

I️ hope you all have a great thanksgiving!!! Xx

PS I️ loveeee this dress from Jane Hudson. It’s so comfy and perf for everyday wear. The necklace is from a local boutique called TheWrite Stuff!! (I have it on in the pictures–striped dress)



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