You're As Sweet As Pie

Christmas Festivities!

Hi loves. Hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend so far. I’m actually on my way back from a bachelorette party in siesta key. It was a blast to have a night out with my friend as one of her last nights before tying the knot!

My mom, sister and I recently all took a cookie and cocktail class at Epicurean Hotel here in south Tampa. We had a blast! Basically, we all broke up into groups and baked a certain type of holiday cookie. Then we all got to take some home at the end. It was a good deal!

While we were baking, we had different cocktails to go along with the cookies and flavors. They were quite tasty but some were a little strong. Which is never a bad thing but when you’re driving, you can’t have it.

My favorite cookie that was made were peppermint chocolate chip and my adorable sugar cookies of course 😉 This was also my first class at Epicurean Hotel. I really can’t wait to go to another one and learn more tips and tricks in the kitchen.

A fun fact: if an egg shell breaks into your mix, you can use a bigger egg shell to scope it out. I never knew that and it does work! Also, you can use a whisk as a sifter. I think sifting is annoying but whatever it has to be done haha so this helps the situation. Do you have any tips for baking or cooking? Would love to hear them!

Anyways, here are some snaps of the class. Chef Beth did an awesome job and has her own business, Cloud 9 Confections here in Tampa. Go check it out.


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