Put Some Prep in Your Step

Confidence Through Fashion

Happy FriYAY! I’m so glad the weekend/Christmas is upon us. It’s nice that we have some time away from work and spend it with family and close friends. I hope you all have been enjoying that extra time too. I can’t wait to see my family in Miami this weekend. I just hope it doesn’t go by TOO fast!

I know I am not really a “fashion” blog but I have a little inspiring post today. I’m having a Try Day Friday with Dia & Co. to speak about confidence with style with what today happens to be a FRIDAY. What does that mean you ask? Well, we all have those days where we aren’t sure of what kind of outfit to wear to work or out at night that we feel completely confident in. I’ve had days where I buy something and it just sits in my closet because it didn’t fit right or work out to my par.

But that has changed because today, I am doing a Try-Day Friday and wearing this little outfit pictured here. I usually don’t wear jumpers but today I decided to. I ordered this one online from a boutique. Of course, I can not remember what boutique it was. I had to get it hemmed a little on the bottom since I am short but other than that, it fits pretty well.

Not going to lie, I’ve only worn it once. I wish I wear it more but I feel like it’s hard style to pull off. I know it looks fine on but being a girl, we all HAVE those insecurities of an outfit looking good or not. It’s crazy to think about! But I am wearing it today and enjoying the comfort in the jumper. I mean the blue is a nice shade it’s comfy so why not?

What’s one outfit you’re not sure of? Are you going to try it out today or this weekend for the holidays? Also, this picture barely has filters and is totally real because I forgot to do my makeup today. But being so curated every day isn’t real life so here ya go for a blogger who is giving it to ya straight today haha.

Soooo give it a shot and let me know your thoughts on your Try Day Friday! Have a greatttt weekend !!! xx

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