Southern State of Mind

Holidays with Animals

Happy Saturday! Can y’all believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?! It is crazy like I can’t believe how fast this year creeped up on us. Can we turn back time and go back to the good ole days… see what I did there? Ha, I’ve got jokes.

Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about pet safety during this time of year. I have two little rascals running around my place so it’s a struggle to keep them out of things they’re not supposed to be by. Like what, you ask? Great question!

Well for starters, ornaments, gift wrap, candles, cookies and ESPECIALLY chocolate. Pets can get real sick from this. One time, my pup had one of my chocolate chip cookies but luckily she was fine after keeping an eye on her. That was the only and last time it happened. But the list of things to keep away from our pets can go on and on. Luckily, PuppySpot created a lovely graphic sharing more details.

My worst fear is having my cat or dog choking or getting wrapped up in something I don’t want to see them in. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if something god forbid happened to either Pippa or Bowden.

I’m pretty ocd about things so I try my best to clean up once I finish up something in the kitchen or cleaning or putting gifts together. If you have pets then you totally get the problems we can all run into! I really hope this graphic helps and if you have any suggestions for this dog and cat mama, shoot them away.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Still can’t believe I’m saying that…ahh! xx


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