Southern State of Mind

New Year Vibes

Hey hey! Can you believe it’s the New Year? Still can’t get over that fact even though were halfway through January already. I’m already planning my year ahead filled with engagement parties, weddings, fun trips and birthdays. Crazy!

Anyways, I always try to set resolutions but they never really work out. So this time, I am going to do more of goals that I want to focus more on in my life. Some fun, some important. If you’re setting goals or resolutions this year, let me know. I always love to hear what you all are up to and doing. Maybe I’ll add a similar one onto my list.

Here are several goals I want to work on in the upcoming year:

  • Spending more quality time with my family. Time is precious and you just never know what can happen.
  • Going to mass each Sunday. Growing up, we would go every Sunday and Wednesday when we were in school. I want to be able to revamp my relationship with the man himself, Jesus.
  • Long walks with my pup. Now that the weather is cooling down, it is the perfect time for long walks with my little one. Awesome way to throw in some exercise in for the day as well. We have a riverwalk right by me so it would be the perfect opportunity to do it!
  • Have more me time. If that is reading, watching Netflix or Pureflix. Pureflix is a Christian family friendly entertainment movie company. They also have educational films as well in case you have family or friends with kids looking to educate the little ones
  • I know people ALWAYS say this one but a goal of mine is to feel good on a daily basis with my body. So that means eating well and taking care of myself more. This is hard when I love to go out to eat and have cocktails with friends. But doesn’t mean I have to stop going out, just have to do it the right way šŸ˜‰

I think that’s all I can think of for now for goals/resolutions/anything in between for the new year. 2018 can bring it! Have a great day xx



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