Southern State of Mind

Healthy Beginning to 2018

Hi there. I am back with few more ideas/tips on getting started for the New Year. Think part of this issue is I still don’t think it feels like 2018 butt I guess I’ll go with it! In this lovely post, I have decided to write about ways to better myself as whole for every day living. Unlike goals, these are things I can get in the habit of doing daily.

To get my morning routine started, I would definitely need a better night’s sleep which means no Netflix or reading till like midnight every night even when I have work the next morning..oops!

Take vitamins and probiotics every day. I try my best to take my vitamins at lunch time. Sometimes I only have a coffee in the morning so don’t want to take those on an empty stomach. This is something that would keep my health and myself feeling better. At least I would hope so 😉 For the men in your life, a great option is the vitamins from hims.

Listening to uplifting and informative podcasts. I have quite a few I listen to already and some are on health, wellness or even just inspiring stories to about beauty. Straight Up Paleo, Team Never Quit, Actually Adultish, Drinkin’ Bros and Trish Blackwell are some of my favs!

Work on my eating habits and workout routine.  I want to be able to go to the gym at least 3 times a week or find a fun exercise class that would get me motivated and that is reasonably priced. Eating habits go along with this to make myself feel better on a regular basis. I wouldn’t want to wake up feeling bloated every morning from the night before or have my IBS even worst so I have to do that for myself. I know I did paleo for a bit last year which is hard to say that it was a different year…but I am going to try my best to even go back to being paleo. It did help when I did do that lifestyle. I just have to do it the proper way.

I’ve also been trying to read more. I have been listening to audiobooks lately and that’s helped with my commute to work too. Knocking books off my list is awesome and it’s fun to listen to the narrator too. I just finished 10% Happier by Dan Harris and Chip and Joanna Gaines book too. I love Fixer Upper. I hope I can have them decorate my home one day if they’re still doing it!

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